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Here are a couple of pictures from our trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee 

The first picture is Called Sunset at Cades Cove Gatlinburg Tennessee with a large tree. email to order a 16x20 of this photo with foam backing to make it easier to frame. The second is called Cades cove Gatlinburg, TN with fence.

We are growing everyday  

Seniors now is the time to get those senior pictures done.  We have several plans for you to choose from.  Want one with hair swinging back?  Want Hight Fashion?  Want multiple times of the year? We will make your Senior Picture memorable.

Modern Love
Sunset Yoga
Spilling Sand

What and Why photography is art. 8/30/2022

With cell phones people call themselves a photographer.  It seems with the release of a new cell phone they also upgrade the phones camera. But what is the purpose of photography.  I believe that each picture is a moment of time that is frozen.  Then one birthday or just family time these pictures are brought out from the bookshelves.  This is the moment you look at that photo you go back in time.  Maybe it was a prom picture of someone with your Grandmother that passed away.  That is the art of photography. Making the best image at that special moment of time.  We all use our cell phones and even professional photographers have tons of pictures and video's on our phone.  The problem with cell phone photos and videos is what happens when you accidently wash your phone with your clothes.   Or if you drop it in the toilet. Which I have done both.  I lost those moments.  The babies first steps, Great Grandma with her first Great Grandchild. Those moments are lost with the phone.  They are not lost really to you (because you have the memory) but rather to your great great Grandchild wanting to see how weird our clothes are compared to the day they look at the picture. Maybe to see what kind of decorations are in the house. Whatever the moment, special events need special handling.  
This is where a Professional especially a Certified Professional Photographer is important. Because those moments are special.  Events, Family time, Weddings, Proposal, or Engagement. You want to preserve them for your 
ancestors.  This where the art comes into play.  The background the lighting, the posing are part the art of photography.


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