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Restoring old photographs is a process that involves repairing and enhancing the appearance of aged or damaged images. With advancements in digital technology, photo restoration has become more accessible and effective. Here are the general steps l follow in restoring old photographs:

  1. I will assess the photograph:  I will begin by examining the condition of the photograph to determine the extent of the damage, such as stains, tears, fading, or scratches and creases or folds.

  2. Then have you Scan the photograph:  To Create a digital copy of the original photograph by scanning it at a high resolution. This step ensures that you have a digital backup and allows for non-destructive editing. Then you should send it to my email address

  3. I will repair minor damage: Start by addressing small imperfections like dust, minor scratches, or stains. 

  4. Then I will fix major damage: If the photograph has more significant damage like creases, tears, or missing parts, these issues require more advanced techniques and will take much more time

  5. Then I will Adjust exposure and colors: Old photographs often suffer from fading or discoloration. 

  6. Then I will Sharpen and enhance details.

  7. Then for severely damaged  photographs, I might have to draw or paint in portions of the picture. 

  8. Then I will have you approve the picture.

  9. Then I will have your picture professionally printed and I will have it stored.

  10. Last the picture will be mailed to you.

 This will take time to do.  Please do not expect the picture be done right away.  Please give me time to do a good job for you. Each picture will cost a different price depending on the damage.  The more creases or folds or tape or portions missing from the photo will cost more.

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