Package A 
We offer a package of your senior for the whole year.  Unlimited clothes changes, include total year of senior events (sporting, play or whatever school activity).   We will take pictures of your senior, summer, fall, winter and spring to showcase the changes in your senior.  We offer 75 proofs, 16 wallet size prints,  4 5x7,  2 8x10's and 1 16x20 of your choice.  We also offer free 50 graduation party cards.  All this for $1000.00 that can be paid in 4 payments to make it easier on you.  We have other less expensive packages, that may fit your needs better.  Please go to Package Prices for more information.  Changes can be made please contact us at or 989-493-4698.
Package B 
Will include one  1/2 day photo shoot for any number of clothing changes and 3 locations.  If the travel time is further than 20 miles we will charge a travel expense. We will include 40 proofs, 8 wallet, 4 5x7 and 2 8x10's.  Free graduation  party cards (50). There will be added charges for a longer time or more locations.  We can also include more pictures for added cost.  Please email us at, or call at 989-493-4698 for modification information before booking a session.  This package will be $750.  I will accept 2 payments one at the time of shoot and 1 when photo's are given to you. 
Package C
This package will include one indoor location and one outdoor location (within 20 miles).   There will be a limit of 3 clothing changes.  The pictures included are 15 proofs, 8 wallet, 1 5x7,  and 2 8x10's and 25 graduation cards.  Time will be 2 hours of photo shooting.  Any changes will be extra charge.  Email or call 989-493-4698 for more information the charge will be $500 dollars.  You may make 2 payments one at the time of shooting and on delivery of photos.
Package D
This package will include either an indoor or outdoor photo shoot.  1 outfit and 1 hour of time.  The outdoor location must be within 20 miles or an extra mileage charge will be added of 75 cents a mile.  Package will include no proofs, 4 wallets, 2 8x10's.  You can get more pictures at an extra charge.  The fee will be $250.00 one payment due at the time of the shoot.  You may add options at extra charges.  Can email me at or call at 989-493-4698.