• Donna M. Zolkowski

New phone app for most packages and also new Picture Dollars for referrals that setup a session and

Senior Pictures

We are going to talk about your passions, if you are in to sports we are going to do our best to get action shots. If you play an instrument; I would like to get you playing your instrument. At our meeting you tell me what you want. We can do this by phone or meet some place.

I want to meet your expectations. I just want to get the best shot I can.

After our first meeting we will set up a time for your photo shoot. I do require an upfront fee of 100 dollars. That 100 dollars will go toward your picture fee.

We can check the pictures out before you leave to make sure we get what you want.

If they have a love for animals or have animals that they would like to include that would be great too.

I will only schedule 2 graduates a day, because each graduate will need time to tell their story.

Every graduate will receive, a phone app with most packages that they can share pictures with and a facebook header.

Within 1 week I will have photos on my computer to share with parents and graduate. I will provide free blemish repair. I will also provide a free head shot for the year book.

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