• Donna M. Zolkowski

Just some statistics about Donna M. Zolkowski, Photography

I was doing some statistical analysis of my photography business in the last 6 years. Having come from a background in Computer Science and then moving into the family business 20 years ago. I have learned many things. First and foremost, be fun, make the client comfortable and be who they are at the point of life they are in right now. Continue to grow as an artist. Learn from the best. This has been a wonderful experience. I have joined The Professional Photographer's of America which has 1000's of videos on just about anything you want to be up to date with. I must have watched 100's of them. Second I joined The Professional Photographers of Michigan. This has connected me to some of the most experience photographers in the country. Last, I am continuing to grown by being associated with these unbelievably talented artist. I currently am working on my Certification of Professional Photographer licence.

Over the last 6 years I have take over 600+ newborn photographs, (one of my favorite area's), I have taken 100's of religious photographs, I have taken 100's of Senior photographs. I like to have fun being whom I am and then the client has fun being just who they are today. Another favorite area is scenic. It is a beautiful world and I love to find the best of the best.

I have found many area's in the surrounding area that make some of the Senior and Family portraits personal and special with whom they have become. Please continue to help our business grow and pass our name out and about. I will make your experience fun, and extremely memorable. My job is to give you the absolutely best picture that you will love for a life time.

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